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To establish a proactive long-term strategy to meet the current and future needs of the community.

To recognize the demands of the aging population and develop a proactive approach to enable the elderly to continue to live in the community.

Action Items:
Form a task force to evaluate the community's needs.

Recruit more doctors; develop scholarships for local students to encourage them to return; offer incentives to doctors to locate in area (e.g. building clinics that can offer doctors a financial share in its operation); link with educational centres (universities) for access to information, libraries, research etc. in order to attract young doctors.

Make better use of nurse practitioners; establish a V.O.N. style of service.

Assess the need for, and possibility of, expanded home care.

Investigate the feasibility of having a medical facility unique to each of the three communities; build more walk-in clinics and extend the hours of the existing service (in Tottenham); offer incentive packages to encourage doctors to work in off-hour clinics; staff hospital and emergency department with doctors in their residency training.

Increase the size of the existing hospital (add more beds).

Expand long-term care facilities and affordable retirement homes.

Create community awareness about how medical services are funded and doctor compensation.

Lobby the provincial government to implement a plan in the medical curriculum that requires doctors in residency to work in rural communities as part of their training.

Establish an annual $100 levy to be put towards medical services in the Town.

Potential Partners:
Community Care Access Centre
Community Mental Health Services
District Health Council
Long Term Care Facilities and Retirement Homes
Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care
New Tecumseth's Physician Recruitment Task Force
Nottawasaga Futures
Professional Association of Interns and Residents of Ontario
Rural Ontario Medical Program
Simcoe County District Health Unit
Southlake Regional Health Centre
Stevenson Memorial Hospital
Tottenham Medical Centre
Town of New Tecumseth