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To revitalize downtown cores.

To create more diverse businesses in each downtown core.

To solve traffic and parking problems.

Action Items:
Complete a study to determine what will attract people to each downtown core.

Proceed with a market study and analysis of existing retail areas to create a commercial strategy for Alliston's downtown and west-end, and Beeton and Tottenham.

Create a distinct identity, theme, or niche for each area.

Establish a plan to promote significant downtown business investment and development.

Draft and enforce heritage by-laws in order to ensure beautification of downtown cores; create a common fašade between stores with a strong heritage background; promote consistent architecture in downtown cores.

Establish a Yorkville style complex in downtown cores, to facilitate shopping; control development of strip malls, plazas, etc., that impact downtown cores; centralize new business and retail rather than segregating it on the outside boundaries.

Have a beautification project in the downtown core (more flowers and greenery); create performance incentives for businesses to maintain and upgrade their facilities; give tax breaks to businesses that conform to a certain fašade, in order to beautify the downtown cores.

Ease parking congestion; create new parking areas; proceed with an "urban core commercial" by-law; ensure strict enforcement of parking by-laws/policies; research underground parking options; research the possibilities
        for a subsidized shuttle service. 

Encourage early snow removal and garbage collection; keep sidewalks clean and clear.

Help the downtown merchants to help themselves; give them more support.

Provide assistance to new entrepreneurs.

Potential Partners:
Business Enterprise Resource Network of Barrie South-Simcoe
Chambers of Commerce/Business Associations
Communities in Bloom Committee
Tottenham Community Improvement Area
Alliston Downtown Improvement Area
Heritage Canada
Horticultural Societies
Human Resources Development Canada
Individual Merchants/Landowners
Local Architectural Conservation Advisory Committee
Ministry of Enterprise, Opportunity and Innovation
Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing
Ministry of Tourism and Recreation
Nottawasaga Futures
Private Sector Transportation Providers
Town of New Tecumseth