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To take a pro-active approach to development.

To protect the "small town" character.

To ensure that municipal policies and by-laws coincide with the Official Plan and are universally implemented.

Action Items:
Establish a citizens advisory committee on planning comprised of individuals from a cross section of the Town (with equal representation from Alliston, Tottenham, Beeton, and the rural area; the remaining members would be a resident-business owner, a council representative, and one other); have the committee visit other successful communities to see how they are dealing with development and use examples as benchmarks.

Establish a standard formula to maintain an acceptable amount of green space for new development; link green space; avoid isolated small pockets in urban areas.

Develop an overall housing strategy; gear a certain portion of development to low income housing; promote intergenerational living; lobby higher tier governments to provide more support for housing; allow store front businesses to be converted partially into housing; approach federal and provincial government agencies to see if funding is available for improvements to beautify low income housing.

Promote a historical feel to each village with clearly defined architectural standards.

Establish planning for an affordable senior' community.

Plan municipal infrastructure outward from centre for efficient use of water, sewers and transportation.

Protect the aquifer to ensure ongoing water quantity and quality.

Create industrial areas to accommodate all three communities; establish larger buffer zones between industrial sites and residential areas.

Designate truck routes with appropriate controls that emphasize transportation flow, including bridges and one-way streets; develop a road grid for future growth when new roads are added; encourage local trucks to use the bypass.

Set a template to encourage rather than restrict planning through longer-range secondary plans.

Expand the fibre optics network to include businesses.

Develop a strategy to retain youth or attract youth back to the community.

Assess the purpose and abilities of the Town's Planning Department; ensure that the Department shares and enforces the vision for development; implement by-laws; improve awareness of the Official Plan to let people know that it exists and what it entails.

Encourage the Planning Department to anticipate growth; lobby the boards of education to schedule building of schools to balance elementary and high school enrolments.

Potential Partners:
Agriculture Canada
Boards of Education
Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation
Chambers of Commerce/Business Associations
Conservation Authorities
County of Simcoe
Environmental and Conservation Groups
Human Resources Development Canada
Industry Canada
Local Architectural Conservation Advisory Committee
Ministry of Agriculture and Food
Ministry of Environment
Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing
Ministry of Transportation
Nottawasaga Futures
Ratepayer Associations/Rural Organizations
Rural Secretariat
Town of New Tecumseth