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To enhance the exchange and coordination of public information.

Action Items:
Realign wards so each elected official represents a bit of each community as well as rural areas.

Circulate a summary document of Council activities annually; develop a newsletter and make it available at libraries; update the Town's website to enable the public to access an overview of Council's decisions.

Establish open sessions regularly between the Town and organizations; organize quarterly meetings to involve public in Council decisions; establish open forum nights with councillors and the community.

Hold some Council meetings in local locations to provide residents with greater access to view Council in operation.

Increase remuneration for Council to allow greater participation in organization meetings.

Enforce a mandate that public representatives form committees to get involved in the activities of existing organizations so that a representative can always be present.

Implement a system to monitor the follow-up by Council.

Establish a one-stop centre to receive information on services/events/activities offered throughout the Town;

Utilize local media to advise the community of what is happening locally and in surrounding townships.

Expand internet capacity in the libraries so people can have access to education outside of school.

Use Welcome Wagon to distribute literature regarding Council.

Delegate a representative from each club/organization to keep their members abreast of issues and resolutions.

Unify the chambers of commerce and business associations; integrate the horticultural societies.

Potential Partners:
Chambers of Commerce/Business Associations
Horticultural Societies
Nottawasaga Futures
South Simcoe Business Links
Town of New Tecumseth
Welcome Wagon