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A community strategic plan helps to remind us of the strengths that exist within the community, and to identify a "picture" or vision for its future.

Ideas expressed by residents, businesses, elected representatives, municipal staff, and community organizations describe the kind of town in which people want to live, work, and play.

Their vision balances economic growth with protection of green spaces, agricultural land and the natural environment. It builds upon existing strengths, including New Tecumseth's "small town" atmosphere. The Town's high quality of life is supported by investment in public and community services and facilities. The following pages outline a number of goals and action items to meet this community vision.

Community leaders have expressed their commitment to build partnerships and put into action the strategies identified here. Implementation of this plan is the responsibility of all those who care about their community!

To protect and enhance the rural character and heritage of New Tecumseth through sustainable development;

To develop an appropriate mix of housing;

To promote a diverse and vital economy supporting: clean, light industry; business/retail services; and agriculture;

To ensure access to recreational, cultural, educational and other services;

To improve transportation links within and outside the area; and

To promote open communication across the municipality.