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To preserve the natural environment.

To protect the health of Lake Simcoe.

Action Items:
Support the efforts and financial campaigns of the conservation authorities; increase public awareness of the need to reduce nitrogen and phosphates in Lake Simcoe.

Preserve public access to the waterfront and shoreline areas. Contact marine communities to determine their community participation level and interest.

Maintain parks and trails.

Establish strict enforcement of by-laws and patrols to keep beach areas and parks clean; post notices at park entrances, of fines for breaking by-laws; make garbage and recycling cans more readily available.

Designate natural heritage areas, conservation areas, wetlands and parklands.

Commission an assessment of environmentally sensitive areas; educate the public about preservation of these sensitive areas (e.g. the north tip of Holland Marsh).

Create a committee to educate residents and businesses on environmentally appropriate etiquette/practices to protect Lake Simcoe and its shoreline (including boat owners in marinas).

Improve water quality by restricting livestock access to waterways, developing manure storage facilities, and/or minimizing cropland erosion.

Identify and establish a "bank" of baseline data (benchmarks) for
  • Water quality/quantity,
  • Landfill site locations (old and new),
  • Biosolid spreading sites,
  • Soil fertility, and
  • Habitat features.

Encourage all "nutrient users" to prepare a Nutrient Management Plan.

Work with industries and manufacturers to develop a clean air strategy.

Develop stronger enforcement practices to control snowmobiles and all-terrain vehicles that trespass or go off designated trails.

Potential Partners:
Agriculture Canada
Boards of Education
Christian Farmers Federation of Ontario
Conservation Authorities
Environmental and Conservation Clubs
Innisfil Economic Development Committee
Ministry of Agriculture and Food
Ministry of Environment
Ministry of Natural Resources
Ontario Federation of Agriculture
Private Sector
Rural Secretariat
Seniors Groups
Service Clubs
Simcoe County Federation of Agriculture
Soil and Crop Improvement Groups
Town of Innisfil
Volunteer and Rural Organizations
Youth Groups