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Human Resources Development Canada

Town of Innisfil

Members of the Innisfil Business Retention and Expansion Task Force

Robert Wong, Partner, The Resource Management Consulting Group, Barrie, Ontario.

Erik Lockhart, Associate Director, Executive Decision Centre, Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario.

Pat Campbell, Director, Corporate and Community Vision, Bracebridge, Ontario

Members of the Simcoe County Ag-Industry Task Force

Pat Devereaux and Neil Craig, Consultants, Barrie, Ontario

Harry Cummings & Associates, Consultants, Guelph, Ontario

Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food

Innisfil Economic Development Committee

Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs & Housing

Nottawasaga Futures, Alliston.

Photographs courtesy of:
The Alliston Herald

The Innisfil Scope

Innisfil Residents;
Vicky Cole
Leslie McCallum

Nottawasaga Futures

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