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To create an image of Innisfil as a good place to live and work.

To promote active community participation.

Action Items:
Investigate the pros and cons of establishing a Local Architectural Conservation Advisory Committee.

Continue to support and build on existing community pride programs (e.g., Belle Ewart Park Restoration) through advertising and better use of the Town's web site.

Ensure that the Community Reinvestment Fund is well publicized.

Encourage horticultural groups to maintain existing areas and create new landscape parkettes.

Advertise Innisfil as a great place to work, play and live; improve the Town's website with links to individual communities.

Create a new local event (e.g. a marina boat parade or Innisfil Heritage Day); encourage fuller participation from retailers and cottagers.

Continue incentives such as "Communities in Bloom" and "Winter Lights".

Celebrate volunteerism and the success of community projects.

Consider the establishment of a volunteer committee to assist with by-law enforcement.

Build upon Pitch-In Week and establish a clean-up day/week with support from all residents, schools, churches and service clubs; encourage participation by including a lunch or dinner.

Expand the Block Parent/Neighbourhood Watch programs.

Potential Partners:
Communities in Bloom Committee
Greater Innisfil Chamber of Commerce (2001)
Heritage Canada
Historical Society
Horticultural Society
Human Resources Development Canada
Innisfil Economic Development Committee
Ministry of Culture
Ministry of Tourism and Recreation
Nottawasaga Futures
Seniors Groups
Service Clubs
Town of Innisfil
Volunteer Organizations
Youth Groups