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To constrain development to protect agricultural land and the rural community environment.

To support the agricultural community.

Action Items:
Create a committee to promote the preservation of agricultural land.

Promote the mission and vision of the Ag-Industry Task Force; develop and recruit new partnerships.

Develop a position statement on the importance of providing support for agriculture and rural programs.

Develop educational programs and/or opportunities for the public to learn about agriculture.

Investigate innovative techniques to identify new Best Management Practices.

Boost educational programs in schools to increase the understanding of Best Management Plans.

Provide training programs on, and project the success of the following: eco-tourism, niche markets, pick-your-own, farm holidays with bed & breakfasts, and equestrian trails.

Develop programs to focus on food production and technology.

Lobby for independent-based agricultural research.

Potential Partners:
4H and Junior Farmers
Agriculture Canada
Christian Farmers Federation of Ontario
Conservation Authorities
County of Simcoe
Essa Economic Development Committee
Human Resources Development Canada
Ministry of Agriculture and Food
Ministry of Environment
Ministry of Tourism and Recreation
Nottawasaga Futures
Ontario Agriculture Training Institute
Ontario Federation of Agriculture
Producer Groups/Agriculture Businesses
Rural Associations
Rural Secretariat
Simcoe County Federation of Agriculture
Soil and Crop Improvement Groups
Township of Essa