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To build interest and a collective approach to proactive economic planning.

To grow business from within rather than through recruitment.

To create a positive business environment.

To facilitate economic diversification.

To assist businesses to continually improve.

Action Items:
Create community councils to review and brainstorm community needs regarding business development.

Increase awareness of the Essa EDC office and staff;promote activities of the Essa EDC through ongoing newspaper articles; encourage Essa EDC members to communicate with local businesses; share results of 
         the survey with businesses and government agencies.

Communicate with existing businesses and industry to identify expansion opportunities.

Develop a clear strategy for business attraction and development that fits with the community's culture.

Investigate opportunities to host seminars or workshops with other communities in South Simcoe on customer service assistance, marketing and promotion.

Develop a "Support Local" initiative; conduct a study to find out why people are leaving Angus to shop elsewhere.

Encourage clean industry; make Essa an environmental attraction.

Develop a plan to attract "small town", family-run businesses.

Develop a commercial building that provides individual office space for entrepreneurs/off-site workers and shared administration/communication services.

Recruit more shopping, entertainment, and banking facilities.

Create a Junior Achievement program.

Potential Partners:
Chambers of Commerce/Business Associations
Essa Economic Development Committee
Business Enterprise Resource Network of Barrie-South Simcoe
Human Resources Development Canada
Industry Canada
Junior Achievement of Canada
Ministry of Agriculture and Food
Ministry of Consumer and Business Relations
Ministry of Enterprise, Opportunity and Innovation
Nottawasaga Futures
Ontario Export Inc.
Rural Associations
South Simcoe Business Links
Township of Essa