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To provide transportation infrastructure that best serves the economic and social needs of the community.

To integrate transportation routes with a well-identified road network that links growth areas.

To consider a sustainable strategy for a regional transportation system.

Action Items:
Establish a transportation committee.

Develop a feasibility study to identify the need for a regional public transportation service.

Solicit the Smart Growth Committee to promote public transportation.

Encourage the extension of Highway 427.

Link railways to encourage tourism; create a train ride from Collingwood.

Work with the Township on future OSTAR funding application to upgrade roads; continue to lobby theTownship and County to remove axle weight limitations on key transportation arteries.

Encourage car-pooling.

Encourage car-pooling dedicated to increasing accessibility for youth; develop an activity-based bus service for youth.

Create a business to help with the transportation of people within the community.

Potential Partners:
Borden Family Resource Centre
Central Ontario Smart Growth Panel
Chambers of Commerce/Business Associations
County of Simcoe
Essa Economic Development Committee
Ministry of Transportation
Nottawasaga Futures
Private Sector
Township of Essa
Youth Groups