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To coordinate the development of parkland, green space, and trails throughout the region.

Action Items:
Review the Official Plan for residential/industrial/green space.

Implement by-laws to protect parkland and green space from residential, industrial, and commercial development.

Identify existing parks, their accessibility and who they serve; establish parks that serve the needs of all community members (disabled, youth, seniors).

Create a user-friendly "park linkage" system using the Nottawasaga River and its subsidiaries to guide the system; link with the CFB Borden system.

Create an "Adopt-the-River" program; turn the Nottawasaga River into a true greenbelt/tourist area.

Clean up rail lines.

Improve the up keep of the Centennial Park, Minesing Swamp, and other parklands.

Establish fundraising efforts for improving parks and facilities.

Potential Partners:
CFB Borden
Conservation Authorities
Environmental and Conservation Clubs
Essa Economic Development Committee
Ministry of Natural Resources
Service Clubs
Township of Essa
Trails Committee