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To maintain the rural atmosphere and quality of life.

To balance growth while protecting green spaces, agricultural land, and the natural environment.

To assess the nature and scope of the infrastructure challenges, including water and sewer capacity and availability of serviced land.

Action Items:
Develop and implement sound land use planning practices for both rural and urban development.

Provide a wide range of housing opportunities (including affordable housing for seniors, low and moderate income residents).

Establish a broader-based community planning committee; create a citizen advisory group to identify appropriate types of development to maintain a rural atmosphere; create a committee with representation from each community of Essa to work with the municipal planner.

Identify the gaps and assets that currently exist in the community; work with future development to address them.

Identify growth areas in conjunction with the water pipeline.

Create a master plan to link all business and housing developments with tourist attractions; connect new residential developments to greenbelts and water ways.

Develop an infrastructure plan (growth projections, housing needs, water and sewers, transportation); incorporate it into the Official Plan.

Recognize that affordable rental housing is required and incorporate it into the Official Plan; plan for and develop more apartments and cooperative housing projects including affordable accommodation for seniors; plan an aesthetic and efficient housing development with diversified housing needs.

Identify needs of specific groups (seniors, retirees, tourists); identify potential spin-off services; develop a rural retirement subdivision.

Establish a central point for development of all facilities (recreation, youth facilities, shopping, daycare, seniors programs) to create stability and uniform accessibility; liaise with the Community Facilities & Services Group.

Lobby the school boards for a local high school.

Hold community meetings.

Improve zoning along transportation routes to improve the community image.

Improve public understanding of the Official Plan; display it in prominent public places.

Devise a plan to resist annexation.

Potential Partners:
Boards of Education
Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation
Chambers of Commerce/Business Associations
Community Living Association for South Simcoe
Conservation Authorities
County of Simcoe
Environmental and Conservation Groups
Essa Economic Development Committee
Human Resources Development Canada
Industry Canada
Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing
Ministry of Transportation
Nottawasaga Futures
Rural Organizations
Rural Secretariat
Seniors Groups
Township of Essa