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To market to investors and tourists, both nationally and internationally.

To build internal and external pride.

To maintain and strengthen the identity of individual communities.

To promote historical pride.

Action Items:
Establish a "Promote Essa" Committee.

Communicate, educate, and promote the Township's assets externally; promote the Township as an outstanding place to live, work, and visit.

Communicate successes and infrastructure improvements in Angus and Thornton.

Communicate growth in business and the community as a whole.

Promote the slogan "Where Town and Country Meet"; develop a song to go with the slogan; advertise the slogan in the media.

Develop an adequately financed regional marketing strategy with relevant business and organization partners; create a marketing strategy (including a video) to promote/encourage a rural atmosphere; acknowledge changes that have taken place in the last few years.

Create a one-page map for a tourist bureau.

Create a business directory.

Develop a "recruitment" package that promotes the community's assets: advertise the assets of Essa to other local municipalities.

Encourage positive word of mouth within and outside of the community.

Promote events for the community (e.g. a meet your neighbour picnic, town & country fairs).

Bring businesses together through such Township-wide events as a Thanksgiving Food Challenge.

Develop incentives to encourage owners to maintain and improve their properties; enforce current by-laws; increase human resources to oversee the compliance of by-laws.

Establish a beautification committee; utilize groups already involved in community pride projects; include local businesses in beautification projects.

Develop Communities in Bloom contests throughout the Township to encourage community pride; create awards of merit and grand winners for gardens (e.g. best subdivision, most attractive farm, eco-landscaping, best landscaping for business); create awards for urban and rural properties; tie into a festival with a garden theme; expand a horticultural beautification award to include all of Essa as well as seasonal awards (e.g. Christmas,Thanksgiving, Halloween); have competitions between geographical areas.

Support local artists through joint advertising and access to municipal space at no cost.

Potential Partners:

Chambers of Commerce/Business Associations
Environmental and Conservation Clubs
Essa Economic Development Committee
Horticultural Societies
Human Resources Development Canada
Nottawasaga Futures
Service Clubs
South Simcoe Business Links
Township of Essa
Volunteer and Rural Organizations