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To develop and deliver comprehensive, coordinated community information.

To encourage more open dialogue between the municipality, the county, school boards, CFB Borden, and residents.

Action Items:
Develop a public education strategy to address urban-rural coexistence issues.

Improve communication from Council.

Update information on the municipal website; increase communication to inform the community of Township meetings; create a newsletter.

Work with CFB Borden to facilitate the joint use of services.

Develop a website for residents to provide input on what they want to see in their community.

Link community events to the municipal website; use existing communications to promote the Township (e.g. Bob's Garden,on the New VR).

Establish a community kiosk to distribute community information.

Increase information available to families on the existing facilities and programs.

Develop a pamphlet to support the Ag-Industry Task Force; create a Task Force web site.

Potential Partners:
Boards of Education
CFB Borden
Chambers of Commerce/Business Associations
Christian Farmers Federation of Ontario
Essa Economic Development Committee
Human Resources Development Canada
Industry Canada
Nottawasaga Futures
Simcoe County Federation of Agriculture
Township of Essa
Welcome Wagon