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To create "pedestrian-friendly" downtowns of which citizens can be proud.

To support the retail sector and its role in anchoring downtown cores.

To create a main street atmosphere.

Action Items:
Create a committee to identify high impact, low cost improvements to downtown cores.

Employ architectural controls to reinforce identity, complement heritage, and beautify retail areas.

Promote historical type developments and improvements.

Develop incentives to encourage owners to maintain and improve their properties.

Create a focal point for Angus.

Beautify downtown Angus; encourage participation and support of Parks and Recreation; promote Earth Day; support the efforts of horticultural societies.

Establish a number of special events, such as sidewalk shopping or midnight madness.

Potential Partners:
Chambers of Commerce /Business Associations
Essa Economic Development Committee
Heritage Canada
Horticultural Societies
Human Resources Development Canada
Individual Merchants/Landowners
Local Architectural Conservation Advisory Committee
Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing
Township of Essa