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As we move through our day-to-day lives, we can become focused on the latest issue. A community strategic plan helps to remind us of the strengths that exist within the community, and to identify a "picture" or vision for its future.

Ideas expressed by residents, businesses, elected representatives, municipal staff, and community organizations describe the kind of community in which people want to live, work, and play.

The Township of Essa envisions a future that builds upon its rural atmosphere and sense of caring for one's neighbours. Maintenance of a high quality of life through infrastructure improvements, a full range of housing options, and affordable community services are key elements of the vision. It also foresees the continual building of pride and unity throughout the community.

On the following pages, a number of goals and action items have been outlined.

Essa's Economic Development Committee has expressed its commitment to build partnerships and put into action the strategies identified here. Implementation of this plan is the responsibility of all those who care about their community!

To develop sound land use planning practices that support rural and urban development;

To provide for an appropriate mix of housing;

To promote economic growth by maintaining existing business/retail services and enhancing tourism;

To preserve and enhance the natural environment, rural character,and heritage of Essa;

To improve transportation links;

To ensure access to health care, recreation, education, and other community services; and

To build pride and unity across the municipality.