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To create more job opportunities to ensure people can live and work in the community.

To assist businesses to continually improve.

Action Items:

Ensure industrial and residential development conforms with the community's vision (e.g., aesthetics, green policies, and design) and compliments existing Town infrastructure before agreements are signed.

Hire a Municipal Economic Development Officer.

Establish a town-wide branding stategy that will create a unique identity and slogan. Consideration should be given to changing the name to improve market ability.

Lobby for 400/404 link.

Encourage a pro-active business recruitment process.

Encourage the Town of West Gwillimbury to streamline the approval process and increase available lease space (professional and commercial).

Encourage the Town of West Gwillimbury to ensure future availability of infrastructure (e.g., water and sewage) to provide for existing business expansion and business relocation.

Enhance existing town-wide business communications and promotion (ensure strategies include businesses not presently using web-based technology).

Establish a Trade Training Centre to ensure a supply of skill workers that would attract & retain existing businesses and also provide opportunities for youth. Include training for tool & die, welding, carpentry etc.

Identify business subsidies for training youth.

Encourage recruitment of local suppliers for existing businesses.

Encourage home-based businesses and small businesses to locate in the community. Recognize that some businesses may grow to substaintial enterprises, over time.

Provide business resources, tools, and support related to financial management, financial sourcing, health and safety, marketing/promotion and the development of business alliances.

Provide training assistance, as well as financial support for training youth and hiring youth.

Potential Partners:

Business Sector
Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities
Nottawasaga Futures
Province of Ontario
Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury