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To establish social community supports, activities, and safety nets for youth, seniors and low income residents.

To identify the demands of the aging population and develop a proactive approach to enable the elderly to continue to live in the community.

 Action Items:

Expand on teen activities.

Create a database for opportunities for youth that will enable them to identify opportunities to obtain community volunteer hours.

Develop transitional housing for seniors/disabled (e.g. single, detached small homes, supportive environment, continuous care potential).

Encourage satellite offices for social service agencies to locate in Bradford.

Establish a major medical clinic.

Develop a Social Service Network that would include representation from each client group (see the Local Health Integrated Network model).

Facilitate submission of weekly articles to be published in the Bradford West Gwillimbury Times “Network of Caring” and “Community Billboard” section.

Increase accessibility on sidewalks, streets, and public buildings.

 Potential Partners:

Art Students
Boards of Education
Business Sectors
Canadian Medical Association
Downtown Revitalization Committee
Historical Society
HUB – youth group
Local High Schools and Guidance Counsellors
Local Residents
Nottawasaga Futures
Recreation Department
Seniors Groups
Simcoe County Alliance to End Homelessness (Bradford chapter)
South Simcoe Police
Student Councils
Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury