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To access a full range of affordable mobility options.

To develop an integrated transportation network.

Action Items: 

Act on the transportation study presented to the Town in February 2005 that dealt with congestion on arterial and secondary roads.

Encourage the development of the 400/404 bypass.

Consider a local 8th/10th side road bypass.

Encourage more frequent GO trips (bus & train)

Develop an aggressive program to fix up roads/sidewalks that urgently need repairs.

Plan for parking related to traffic movement and inner core shopping.

Establish in-town bussing which may eventually include more rural areas such as West Gwillimbury.

Build more bike paths and make paths mandatory stipulation for all subdivisions and other new developments.

Provide leadership in initiatives to improve transportation connections that will sustain existing business and encourage new business.

Potential Partners:

Chamber of Commerce
County of Simcoe
Go Transit
Province of Ontario
Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury
Works Department