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To maintain the natural environment.

To create green linkage between the residential areas, the parks, public facilities, and the downtown core.

Action Items:

Implement and integrate a town-wide concept of green space and walkways. Lobby government, service groups, and Conservation Authority to support plan development.

Establish a Trail Committee that would develop an integrated municipality; linked paths, canal trails, and natural pathways. Ensure all systems are wheelchair/stroller accessible.

Develop a downtown theme and actions to green the downtown (e.g., Downtown Now!) using trees/flowers, shrubs, flower boxes etc.

There was an overwhelming consensus that would require developers to create useable green space within each development.

Develop/clean up the waterfront.

Promote and market existing natural habitats and venues such as: Scanlon Creek Conservation Area, Ducks Unlimited, Simcoe Forests, Kuzmich Park.

Develop a community Band Stand that will provide a focus for the following types of activities: music, art, theatre, health fair, craft shows, and child puppet theatre.

Create a community to promote the preservation of agricultural land.

Create partnerships with the Lake Simcoe Conseravtion Authority to protect river systems.

Potential Partners:

Business Sector
Canadian Legion
Chamber of Commerce
Communities in Bloom
Downtown Revitalization Committee
Ducks Unlimited
Facilities and Parks Department
Federation of Ontario Naturalists
Horticulture Associations
Lake Simcoe Conservation Authority
Local Residents
Ministry of Natural Resources
Rails to Trails
Recreation Department
Service Clubs (e.g., Rotary, Lions Club)
Simcoe Naturalists
Trillium Foundation
Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury