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To improve the attractiveness of the downtown core.

To revitalize and reduce traffic congestion in the downtown core.

Action Items:

Build a marketing theme for the town (e.g., market the gardening vegetables or year-round market offering home made ingredients).

Establish incentives (e.g., tax rebates) or penalties to encourage commercial owners to fix up store fronts and enforce bylaws to maintain them.

Improve traffic circulation, reduce traffic congestion and make streets pedestrian friendly by keeping heavy trucks off main street (particularly the main four corners), improve lighting, sidewalks, and policing.

Explore alterative methods of maintaining the downtown area such as involving students who can earn the required community Board of Education volunteer hours by performing downtown maintenance.

Create incentive programs to attract people to the downtown core such as a farmers' market and seasonal festivals.

Engage business support to ensure the mix of businesses as well as significantly improve appearance of the downtown through exterior improvement, street advertising, and signage.
        (e.g., parking, store).

Help Businesses understand and build on residents' needs and wants for downtown shopping. A greater variety of business services and shops was emphasized.

Investigate downtown improvement successes in communities that have successfully "reinvented" their downtowns (e.g., Unionville, Creemore, Niagara-on-the-Lake, St Jacobs, Cookstown, Orangeville, Stratford).

Potential Partners:

Business Sector
Georgian College and High School Art students
Downtown Revitalization Committee
Historical Society
Local High School Guidance Counsellors
Local Residents
Nottawasaga Futures
Seniors Groups
South Simcoe Poilce
Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury