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To develop a recreational and cultural facility that is accessible to all residents.

To provide activities for all ages.

Action Items:

Established a CRIC group (Community Recreation Improvement Committee) that may facilitate or oversee various projects. Composition of this committee should be diverse and include a minimum of two representitives from the youth and senior population. Areas to explore could include:

  • additional local events and festivals;
  • identifying space for the theatre group;
  • developing free outdoor recreational facilities;
  • developing canal projects; and
  • facilitate the creation of band shell/event area for outdoor concerts and live theatre.

Build a multiplex centre with a pool, recreation centre, arena, art gallery & theatre. Include rooms that can be used for a diversity of community activities.

Develop a youth committee to build, maintain, and govern the development of a Skate Board Park. This committee will ensure that the location of the Skate Board Park provides a safe, accessible and vandalism-free environment for Bradford West Gwillimbury's youth population.

Encourage Local Industry to support recreational and cultural infrastructure and events. Recommend that the Town allocate a portion of the development charges to recreation costs.

Potential Partners:

Bradford Region Arts Group
Business Sector
Chamber of Commerce
Cross Trainers
HUB- Youth Group
Local Residents
Servce Clubs such as Lions Club, Rotary, etc.
Minor Sports Associations
Province of Ontario
School Groups
Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury
Youth Community Services