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Community consultations help to remind us of the strengths that exist within the community, and to identify a “picture” or vision for its future.

Ideas expressed by residents, businesses, elected representatives, municipal staff, and community organizations describe the kind of town in which people want to live, work, and play.

They envision a future that facilitates the well being of the Town’s diverse population while preserving its natural environment and historic landmarks. It builds upon existing strengths, including Bradford West Gwillimbury’s welcoming atmosphere created by its citizens. The Town’s high quality of life was the most significant theme indicated both in the business surveys and in the community consultations.

The following pages outline a number of goals and action items to meet this community vision.

Community leaders have expressed their commitment to build partnerships and put into action the strategies identified here.


  • To develop a multi-use recreational and cultural facility;
  • To revitalize/beautify the downtown core;
  • To improve the availability and connectedness of parks and green space;
  • To improve transportation links within and outside the area;
  • To develop an appropriate mix of housing;
  • To ensure access to social community supports, activities and safety nets for youth, seniors, and the marginalized, etc.; and
  • To ensure a sustainable, healthy economy by ensuring the growth and retention of new and existing businesses by providing innovative resources, tools, and supports within the community.