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To identify, support and maintain the Township's unique rural character within all land-use designations.

To constrain urban development to protect agricultural land and the rural environment.

To support the agricultural community.

Action Items:
Unify and consolidate the Official Plans and zoning by-laws; integrate planning policies to ensure their consistent application.

Identify and set criteria to determine which "low impact" and "light" industrial businesses would be appropriate for maintaining and fostering the rural character.

Create community-based "adoption" programs to tap volunteer opportunities (e.g. Adopt-a-River, Adopt-a-Road, etc).

Encourage private landowners to develop a linked trail system.

Develop strategies to enhance municipal beautification.

Maintain heritage signs in hamlets and towns.

Increase the enforcement of property standards.

Develop a position statement on the importance of providing support for agriculture and rural programs.
Form a committee to promote the agricultural sector.
Develop educational programs/opportunities for the public to learn about agriculture.
Promote the mission and vision of the Ag-Industry Task Force; develop and recruit new partnerships.

Potential Partners:
Adjala-Tosorontio Residents' Association
Agriculture Canada
Boards of Education
CFB Borden
Chambers of Commerce
Christian Farmers Federation of Ontario
Conservation Authorities
County of Simcoe
Heritage Canada
Ministry of Agriculture and Food
Ministry of the Environment
Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing
Nottawasaga Futures
Ontario Agricultural Training Institute
Ontario Federation of Agriculture
Private Landowners
Producer Groups/Agricultural Businesses
Rural Associations
Rural Secretariat
Service Clubs
Simcoe County Federation of Agriculture
Township of Adjala-Tosorontio
Volunteer Organizations