Nottawasaga Futures

Summer Company Past Participants

Student: Harrison O’Brien
Company: Regency Swim School

Harrison O’Brien’s approved business is a swim school that offers private and semi-private lessons in his pool or customers' pools. Harrison is 19 years old, a 3rd year Sciences student at the University of Western Ontario, and has lived in Bradford his entire life. He has been a lifeguard and instructor for 4 years. Also teaching lessons with the school is Tasha Bain, another experienced and fully certified lifeguard and instructor. The "Regency Swim School" will now be another opportunity for Harrison to use his qualifications and certifications from the Lifesaving Society and the Canadian Red Cross.

The school is an official Red Cross Training Partner that is a registered and insured business.



Student: Tymoora Vlaming
Company: Lolli’s Creations

Tymoora Vlamings business, Lolli’s Creations, is a revamp of her original business, Elemental Kandi. Lolli’s Creations offers handmade jewellery and clothing. Tymoora is a 17 year old student at Bradford Secondary School, and has lived in Bradford her entire life. Lollis Creations offers handmade necklaces, earrings, and bracelets made out of pony beads. It also offers skirts, dresses, and purses. All the items are designed and handmade by Tymoora. “The only possible way for me to be able to revamp my business like this is by getting accepted into the Summer Company Program. I hope that this program helps me with learning more business skills."






Student: Jason Munns
Company: Adjala Swim School

The Adjala Swim School is a business providing a wide variety of lessons catering to a wide variety of skill levels.  The school offers Red Cross Swimming Lessons for all ages as well as Lifesaving Lessons certifying First Aid, CPR and the Advanced Life saving levels.  Jason says that “Summer Company offered me a lot of resources to get my business to where it is now, advice and guidance on any topic, whether it be banking, insurance or advertising was always readily available whenever I needed it.  I expect to continue to learn how to grow my business further and hopefully continue it in the future."




Student: Matthew Kewarth
Company: Kewarth’s Bakery

Matthew Kewarth's approved business is Kewarth's Bakery. Kewarth's Bakery makes baked goods such as cornish-style pasties, small cakes, and scones from scratch and sells them at local farmer's markets such as the Alliston and Beeton markets. "I am always looking for new recipes to experiment with to sell at the local markets. I chose to participate in the summer company program because I see this as a unique learning experience, especially for a small town like Everett. Summer company allows me to experience what it’s like to run my own business on my own which I feel will give me an advantage in this competitive world after I complete university."




Student: Nicolas Sabia
Company: Nick’s Pool Cleaning

I was first introduced to the summer company program in my grade twelve accounting class. It was a very interesting program that I wish I had taken advantage of then. I was re-introduced to the summer company program while I was at Humber College. At the time I was not employed, and I knew just how hard it was to find a good summer job, so I decided “If I can’t find work, I’ll make work”. I began to brainstorm business ideas that were, simple, had minimal expenses, and that I was experienced with. I eventually stumbled upon the idea of pool cleaning. I now run Nick’s Pool Cleaning in the Brampton area. I maintain peoples pools by cleaning, testing, and if needed balancing the water. I have been learning a lot about how to start up a small company, and I hope to learn more, but the single most important lesson I have been taught so far is, “you get out if it what you put in to it”.




Student: Max Petkovsek
Company: No Job Too Small


"The Summer Company program was a fantastic opportunity for me to gain entrepreneurial experience, as well as to learn first-hand what separates successful businesses from those that are not. I would easily recommend this experience to anyone who wants to learn what it takes to run a small business. My company, No Job Too Small, is a private labour company located in Alliston, specializing in domestic household tasks. For an affordable rate, potential jobs offered include: lawn care, dog walking, painting, window washing, small project assistance, as well many many more! This program has been an incredible chance to build experience, and I would love to do it again! " I came up with this idea after hearing people say “I wish I could just pay someone to do this” and I realized that selling ‘free time’ to clients could be quite lucrative..

“I expect to learn more first hand how to get a small business up and running, while learning to push through the challenges involved."




Student: Guillaume de Milleville
Company: Wait For it Records


Guillaume’s approved business, Wait For it Records, offers indie and alternative rock bands a home. The record company records, publishes, promotes, and markets the music of the bands under its label. For Guillaume "music is my passion and creating a label was obvious to me.  Summer Company has helped me to realize my goal of working in the music industry. By the end of the program I expect to have learned about marketing, customer service and just running my own business."








Student: Lovdeep Kang
Company: Expert Lawn Care

Lovdeep Kang took his personal experience and his skills to a whole new level by opening up his own Lawn Maintenance company in Alliston, which he was able to expand to the Brampton area by the end of the summer. The Summer Company program helped him by giving him the opportunity to start up and run his own company. The experience of participating in the program has taught Lovdeep about managing his time, costumer service and financial management.













Student: Deeshawn Grellmore
Company: Saint Trinite Clothing

Deeshawn took his personal experience and his skills to a whole new level by starting his own clothing company this summer, Saint Trinite. The clothing label is a mix of luxury and street wear.








Student: Richard Naylor
Company: Naylor Swim Skills

Richard's business, Naylor Swim Skills is a swim school that offers private and semi-private swimming lessons in the comfortable setting of a backyard pool. The company is an official training partner of the Red Cross. It also offers skill and fitness development coaching for teenagers and adults who want to work on their strokes or fitness. Richard has four years of teaching experience as well as nine years of experience in competitive swimming. Richard will be going into his third year at Wilfrid Laurier University in the fall, where he studies Business Administration. "I first learned about the Summer Company Program while I was searching for summer employment. I decided this was a great way to apply entrepreneurial skills learned at business school while doing something I am passionate about."  You can find out more about Richard's company on his website

Student: Alexandra Miller
Company: Alexandra's Beloved Cats & Dogs

Alexandra Miller, is the founder and owner of Alexandra’s Beloved Cats and Dogs. Alexandra is a University of Toronto student currently offering a reliable and reputable pet sitting and dog walking business in the New Tecumseth area. Alexandra offers a variety of options suited to the customers’ daily, weekly, or monthly needs. "What makes my business so unique is the one-on-one approach I take with animals to ensure they are happy during a stressful period in their life. I am available to make house calls in order to ensure the animal is not taken out of their comfort zone and placed into cramped cages with minimal human contact." Alexandra has 10 years experience with her own two lovely cats, Angel and Simba. Consider ABCD this summer when you are looking for a friendly and affordable alternative to pet care. 

Student: Sam Hardie
Company: Alcona Koa Lawn Maintenance

Sam Hardie's business, Alcona koa Lawn care is a lawn and yard maintenance company that offers everything from hedge trimming to lawn mowing and weed whacking. Sam is a student at Nantyr shores secondary school, and has lived in Alcona since he was five years old. Sam ran a lawn care business before the program, but saw this as an opportunity to expand it. " I have learned that if you want to get anywhere you really do need to go big or go home!"  




Student: Autumn Weimer
Company: Autumn's Details

My name is Autumn Weimer and I heard about the summer company through a good friend of mine. The concept of starting of company intrigued me as it would allow me to gain entrepreneurial experience. The Summer Company program allows me to gather and explore ideas that I may have not found on my own. 

My business is a mobile car, boat, and trailer detailing company. My business is designed to bring my customers as much convenience as possible. My prices are competitive and based upon travel costs. 

I hope that the summer company program provides me with more in-depth information on marketing and accounting. 

Student: Justin Hellsten
Company: Hellsten Games
Justin Hellsten is a passionate gamer and gaming enthusiast, and loves to design and develop games on his spare time. He is a Nantyr Shores high school graduate and is currently a student studying computer programming at Georgian College, Ontario. He plans to graduate in 2015 with a computer science diploma and hopes to help drive the next big innovations in technology and business.


However, after several years of working in computer related fields and studying extensively at Georgian College, he decided to take a chance at taking his gaming hobby to the next level, starting a game design company. He is extremely fascinated in what makes games fun and enjoyable, and wants to do just the same with his own game creations. He hopes the summer company opportunity will help gain him entrepreneurial skills and aid him in his endeavour to turn his business idea into reality.

Student: Joshua Farhoud
Company: Against the Grain

Joshua Farhoud is the founder of Against the Grain. With the help of Summer Company he has built a small company that proudly up-cycles skids and pallets and found objects into unique home furnishings and décor.  Rustic, useful and well built the products range from tables and benches to coat racks and shelves. As well as unique candle holders and wall art.

Josh says, It all began when we came across and the “Students start a summer company”.  I love woodworking and have taken Tech throughout high school, so a business using wood seemed like a great idea.  We really like the idea of up cycling/recycling. We live in a world where people get tired of things and just throw them away. We wanted to show them that we could make something old, new and purposeful again. And so we do. It started with some old pallets and some old hooks.

I am are proud to say that Against the Grain has been invited to showcase our products at an “Art in the Park” themed event in September where juried venders are invited to sell their products and if the demand continues we are thinking of renting a booth at the Toronto cottage show. The business is growing beyond what we imagined and we believe that this success could continue and carry us through the remainder of high school.

Student: Ben Petkovsek
Company: Everything Under the Sun
Everything Under the Sun is a business which provides private, unskilled labour at a price point which reflects the difficulty and length of the job. This flexibility allows for a wide range of job opportunities and differentiates the business from others which may only provide one service. "The Summer Company program was an amazing opportunity for me, as it allowed me to do what I wanted with my business, while providing invaluable support and knowledge in the areas of business where it is really needed such as banking, accounting, and advertising." said Ben.
Student: Juan Velazquez
Company: Eximius Apparel

Eximius Apparel is a business that creates graphic t-shirts, sweaters and much more in apparel. The company also takes in custom orders for individuals, as well as other businesses. Whether it is a custom shirt for one person, for a soccer team, or a car wash company, Eximius Apparel caters to everyone. Customers have the choice to use a current design, or have a new custom design created for them. The summer company program has helped Juan bring an idea into reality. It has helped him transition into the world of entrepreneurship. “Summer Company has offered me a lot lot of mentoring, as well as the tools to get my business started.  The workshops, which included help for accounting  and marketing, have been very useful. I hope to continue to grow as a young entrepreneur and I am certain Nottawasaga Futures will continue to give me the necessary help to continue into the future."

Student: Tyler Rossiter
Company: Green T Lawn Care


Tyler Rossiter took his personal experience and his skills to a whole new level by opening up his own Lawn Maintenance company, Green T Lawn Care, servicing the Alliston and Everett areas.  Green T Lawn Care is a eco friendly lawn maintenance company.  "Thanks to the summer company program I am the owner of my own business Green T Lawn Care. For a long time I have wanted to start my own business, and the summer company program provided me with the financial and educational support to achieve it." says Tyler .



Student: Samuel Cameron

Company: Top Bunk Design

Samuel Cameron started the summer wishing for a job that used more of his mind than his hands. “I wanted a summer job that used my strengths instead of just mindlessly stocking shelves all day.”

The Summer Company allowed Samuel to do just that.

Samuel started up Top Bunk Design, a company providing modern, affordable, logo designs and websites. “My idea was to use a do-it-yourself website template and quickly and inexpensively create websites for clients who wouldn't have time to create one themselves.”

Right from the business plan in the application process, Samuel learned that there were many facets of running a business. “Self promotion was the hardest for me; I tend to be more shy when it comes to talking to people face to face. For me to continue and grow, I would definitely have to hire someone to help with the networking for me.”

Samuel also gradually learned how to better price his services. His Summer Company Mentor helped him out with that. “He told me not to undersell myself, and helped me understand the value of my services. He suggested maybe charging royalty for my designs, which is something I will need to consider for the future.”

At the end of the summer Samuel felt that it was a very valuable experience, as it let him explore his talents in a real life business venture. “My final client meeting was much more confident than my first one. And it sure beats stocking shelves.” 


Student: Kyle Nikkanen
Company: Back to Bon Apetit

Kyle's business, Back to Bon Apetit, is a both product & service business. Kyle grew fresh natural produce, keeping in with the 80/20 mentality, he focused on micro-greens, cut and grow again salad mixes, hearty root vegetables, herbs and more. Starting off smaller and learning/expanding as he grow as a cultivator. 

Summer Company helped me with a dream, to take a business plan on paper and turn it into something real. My business has been nothing but a great learning experience with summer company. The mentorship, the workshops are all conducive settings for sparking new ideas and allowing me to grow as an entrepreneur. Back to Bon Appetit the business I started is just in its infancy but thanks to the start with this program I can keep growing and learning. It's a brand, it's my lifestyle and will be something to look out for in the coming years. The support and kick-start made a world of difference and gave me the opportunity to pursue a passion.