Energy Conservation Resources for Business

Businesses can choose from a variety of green business practices and incentives to reduce their energy costs and impact on the environment.

Have you taken advantage of $1,500 in energy efficient lighting?

Contact your local hydro company today or visit  

Is there funding & support available to replace energy-guzzling equipment?

Yes, SaveOnEnergy offers incentives to help businesses conserve energy. The programs have been designed to help fund energy audits, equipment replacements and new construction. You can take advantage of these programs by contacting your local hydro company. Programs areas include:

Commercial        Industrial        Small Business        Apartments & Condos  

Agricultural        Government & Institutional        Social Housing        New Home Construction 

Is there funding & support available for businesses operating with natural gas?

Yes, Enbridge Gas Distribution Inc. has a variety of rebate programs for natural gas projects, including air doors, heat and recovery ventilators and tankless hot water heaters that will help reduce energy consumption. You can take advantage of these programs by contacting Enbridge Gas Distribution Inc. at 1-888-427-8888. Program areas include:

Commercial        Industrial 

Are there simple ways to reduce my energy consumption?

Yes, Green Business Tips have been created to help businesses incorporate green practices into their daily operations. These tip sheets were designed to be practical and easy-to-do, with little or no investment. 

How can I identify energy projects with the biggest savings?

Energy Auditors can help a business identify the best ways to reduce energy consumption. This resource is provided as a reference tool. Nottawasaga Futures cannot endorse any of these companies. Please follow up with your local hydro company to ensure they have the qualifications needed to obtain the energy audit incentive.

Restaurants interested in assessing their energy use can use this interactive website to identify potential energy savings.  Website link.

How are other businesses reducing energy costs?

Business Profiles capture the success of local green business leaders. South Simcoe businesses have kindly shared their stories on saving money and going green. Do you have a story to tell? Give us a call.  

If you have any further questions, or would like more information please do not hesitate to contact us by email at or by telephone at 705-435-1540 or toll free at 1-800-509-7554.