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Service Canada - Apprenticeship Incentive Grant
Ontario Venture Capital Fund - Fund Finder
Ontario Tax Exemption for Commercialization
Ontario Emerging Technologies Fund
Ontario Capital Growth Corporation
Natural Resources Canada - Science and Technology Internship Program
Natural Resources Canada - Office of Energy Efficiency
Natural Resources Canada - ISO 50001 Implementation Support Incentives
Natural Resources Canada - Energy Performance Contracting
Ministry of Revenue - Apprenticeship Training Tax Credit
Ministry of Natural Resources - Ontario Stewardship
Ministry of Natural Resources - Managed Forest Tax Incentive Program
Ministry of Finance - Vehicles Powered by Alternative Fuels
Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure - Net Metering
Ministry of Economic Development and Trade - Strategic Jobs and Investments Fund
Industry Canada - Strategic Aerospace and Defence Initiative
Industry Canada - Canada Small Business Financing Program
Industry Canada - Automotive Innovation Fund
Industrial Research Assistance Program - Internships
Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada - Going Global Innovation
Federation of Canadian Municipalities - Green Municipal Funds
Environment Canada - EcoAction Community Funding Program
Colleges Ontario Network for Industry Innovation
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada - Pesticide Risk Reduction Program

About the Green Resources Database

We have compiled an environmental catalogue of over 1000 resources to help you green your business. Our database includes funding sources, web portals, loan and incent ive programs, research, publications, reports and more.

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  • - White papers, technical information and tools to improve efficiency and productivity
  • - Funding, loan and incentive programs available throughout Canada
  • - Government websites with green transition information
  • - International web sites with green transition information
  • - National web site with green transition information
  • - Provincial websites with green transition information
  • - Magazines, articles, downloads, reports and multimedia sources
  • - Sources for up-to-date data and research
  • - Self-identified Businesses that offer green products or services
  • - Workshops, seminars, certification or education in green related training

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