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Please note, some the funding web sites have multi-funding opportunities and the deadlines for submission may have expired on some but not all funding programs. Please review the web sites carefully to ensure you review all possible sources. We have also included funding opportunities throughout Canada to provide information to South Simcoe businesses that may be considering expanding their target customers or markets to other locations.

TD Friends of the Environment Foundation

Description:FUNDING: TD Friends of the Environment Foundation is to provide funding support for worthwhile community-based initiatives that make a positive difference to the Canadian environment. See site for details.

DEADLINE: Send applications at least three months prior to the start date of your project

APPLICANTS: Schools, municipalities and not-for-profit

Local Advisory Boards, made up of customers and employees, review the applications and make recommendations for funding support according to the established guidelines.

TD FEF areas of focus include:
- Protecting and preserving the Canadian Environment
- Assisting young Canadians in understanding and participating in Environmental activities
- Supporting urban renewal such as environmental projects to rejuvenate smaller or at-risk neighbourhoods and "main streets"
- Enhancing cooperation among Environmental organizations
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Last Updated:June 08, 2015

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