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Please note, some the funding web sites have multi-funding opportunities and the deadlines for submission may have expired on some but not all funding programs. Please review the web sites carefully to ensure you review all possible sources. We have also included funding opportunities throughout Canada to provide information to South Simcoe businesses that may be considering expanding their target customers or markets to other locations.

Sustainable Development Technology Canada - NextGen Biofuels FundTM
Description:FUNDING: $500 Million invested in the Project. Review site for details.

DEADLINE: Subject to availability

APPLICANTS: Businesses that are For-profit Corporations; Partnerships; Limited Partnerships; or Business Trusts

The $500M NextGen Biofuels FundTM is aimed at supporting the establishment of first-of-kind commercial scale demonstration facilities for the production of next-generation renewable fuels and co-products. The fund will help Canada sustainably meet its Renewable Fuels Standards. The purpose of the fund is to encourage retention and growth of technology expertise and innovation capacity for cellulosic ethanol and biodiesel production in Canada.

The aim of the NextGen Biofuels FundTM is to help bridge this High CAPEX (Capital Expenditure) gap and remove the final elements of technology risk in bringing next-generation biofuels into the market. This outcome will enable larger volumes of next-generation biofuels to be produced, helping Canada achieve its current renewable fuel standard using environmentally superior technologies.
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Last Updated:June 08, 2015

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